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New regulations will be coming  force for those involved in refrigerant handling. Check out  for further details -  if you have a couple of hours to spare!!. In short we are given to understand - It is illegal to fill disposable cylinders from July 2007 though there is no cut off date for using these at present.  All operatives involved in refrigerant handling must have successfully completed the ‘F GAS Refrigerants Safe Handling Course’ before July 2010. As of this date only companies with certified personnel will be able to purchase refrigerants.......

EXPLODING VEHICLE A/C SYSTEMS. There have been several unsubstantiated stories circulating recently about explosions after service work on vehicle a/c systems. It seems that a small proportion of R134a when mixed with atmospheric air will become potentially explosive if compressed. The only way this could occur is if the system is tested with compressed workshop air and then allowed to run. The compressor would not run if the system was below the threshold of the low pressure switch, This is obviously not normal service procedure to any trained a/c engineer, the system should only be leak tested with Oxy free nitrogen, leaks cured, then thoroughly vaccumed before refilling. As long as you follow the normal procedures you should not fall foul of this one....... Sounds to me like someone who is not qualified has been playing around with things they don’t understand.....

New shape Volkswagen Beetles are suffering with a wiring problem - chafing under the battery tray - well worth checking out if the a/c is not operating. This problem has also been the cause of vehicle fires. Check out the details at

Looks like we may not be getting CO2 based systems after all - Several companies have developed a more enviromentally friendly R134a Replacement refrigerant. HCO1234yf  - Manufacturers are wary of possible warranty claims and installation expense for a CO2 system which would work at approx 4 times the pressure of existing systems, so may well welcome a compromise! - Watch this space.

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Considered using Radweld to cure those slow leaks? - So have we - We have so far rejected these because of the potential to block the system - Perhaps it is time to review the situation. Though the ones we have reviewed require flushing of the system and replacement of the receiver drier which reduces the advantages. For a definitive independent view of what is going on in the American market check out:

Many manufacturers have recently included the receiver/drier in the condenser unit. These are installed via a cap with ‘o’ rings which are traps for water which lays in the top corroding the seals. Usually degassing, removing the cap and cleaning/replacing the seals and grooves solves this problem. We also keep a couple of Mercedes high side charging ports which are prone to leak due to a similar problem. Don’t forget some of the caps have to be pushed in slightly to free the circlip.

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